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AquaTerra Aquaterra Online Information System is powered by EUGRIS

The AquaTerra Online Information System (ATOIS) is separate from but related to the main AquaTerra 
website and its purpose is twofold:

First it aims to present the wide range of scientific information from AquaTerra in 
a co-ordinated form that is easily understood by and accessible to knowledgeable, but 
non-specialist end-users who may have an interest in the work of AquaTerra, such as those 
responsible for the implementation of River Basin Management Plans in the Water Framework 
Directive. It takes the information within AquaTerra and summarises and combines 
it in categories related to river basins in general (i.e. soil, surface water, contaminants) 
rather than being categorised according to the sub projects in which the work was undertaken. 
This is because the river basin categories have greater meaning to site users who have not been 
involved in the project and also because the work in each of the new categories has in most cases 
been spread across more than one sub-project.

Secondly, it aims to increase links with other similar initiatives aiming to provide information 
and improve understanding in the field of water management. Links to a range of project portals 
related to soil and water management can be found on the home page of this website. Moving the 
cursor over the relevant link will provide a brief outline of the project; clicking on the link 
will take you to the homepage of the portal.

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