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AquaTerra is an Integrated Project from the EU 6th Framework Programme. The five-year 
project began in 2004 and finished in March 2009, with its final conference in Tubingen, 
Germany. The project has aimed to produce high-quality scientific information on the interactions 
between soil, sediment, water, groundwater and air in the context of global change. It has always 
been anticipated that stakeholders involved with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 
(WFD) across Europe would find the information generated by AquaTerra of particular value. AquaTerra 
involved 45 partners from 22 countries and during the course of the work it has produced a large volume 
of information, ranging from scientific publications and conference presentations to project deliverables 
and reports. 

The work has been undertaken within 10 sub-projects:

HYDRO:		Hydrological modelling and models of climate change
BIOGEOCHEM:	Characterisation of the transport and fate of pollutants in soil and sediment 
                and their impact on water quality.
TREND:		Analysis of trends in biochemical processes over time
FLUX:		Analysis of the turnover and transfer of organic pollutants in the environment
COMPUTE:	Modelling of pollutant fate and transport at different scales
BASIN:		Case studies in selected sites in five European river basins 
                (Brevilles, Danube, Ebro, Elbe and Meuse)
MONITOR:	Development and testing of new sampling and analytical techniques and emerging compounds	
INTEGRATOR:	Integration and dissemination of results to wider audiences
EUPOL:		Linking AquaTerra science to policy demands
KNOWMAN:	Knowledge management and training

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